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SELLSIDE ENGAGEMENT IN THE HEALTHCARE INDUSTRY.  Your attention to detail, persistence, caring for me and my business, and at times playing the devil’s advocate, all proved instrumental in the process to close the deal. It would be my great pleasure to refer Chimera Strategies to people I know who might benefit from their services. Thank you very much.”

SELLSIDE ENGAGEMENT IN THE INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY INDUSTRY.  “I have worked with Chimera Strategies for several years now as we were involved in a complicated scenario that took a lot of time to work thru.  They never lost focus nor attention to details and was at our side every step of the way.  I highly endorse Gary’s, Founder and Managing Partner, skills as a negotiator, marketer and overall good guy.  You are in capable and competent hands with Chimera Strategies.”

SELLSIDE ENGAGEMENT IN THE ELECTRONIC COMMERCE INDUSTRY.  “Initially, the concept of selling our business seemed overwhelming.  Chimera Strategies’ approach not only assuaged our concerns, but actually broke the process down into easy to manage pieces that allowed us to put together an impressive, comprehensive presentation.  Potential buyers were impressed with the thoughtful and thorough preparation.”

BUYSIDE ENGAGEMENT IN THE ENVIRONMENTAL ENGINEERING INDUSTRY.  "I believe there is a great opportunity to grow by acquisition and engaged Chimera Strategies to assist me.”

 BUYSIDE ENGAGEMENT IN THE PEST CONTROL INDUSTRY.  “I believe there is a great opportunity to grow by acquisition and engaged Chimera Strategies to assist me.  They prospect pest control companies on a weekly basis and are instrumental in the negotiations, letter of intent, diligence and acquisition financing phases.”

 SELLSIDE ENGAGEMENT IN THE PROPERTY MANAGEMENT INDUSTRY.  “Chimera Strategies worked very hard for their commission check.  It was a large check but it was worth every penny.”

 SELLSIDE ENGAGEMENT IN THE MEDICAL DEVICE DISTRIBUTION INDUSTRY.  “I engaged Chimera Strategies to sell my business.  Even though I knew my industry and the competitor I wanted to sell to, and eventually did, they were instrumental in getting me a price 22% higher than they wanted to pay and I expected to receive.  They managed the process from beginning to end so I could run my business and I received a 100% return on the fees I paid to them - well worth it.”


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